How to play PUBG on Android Jelly Bean?

Hello, guys in this post we are going to talking about PUBG Mobile supportable versions. in this post, you guys see that what is the minimum requirements to play PUBG Mobile on Android.

nowadays PUBG Mobile is the most favorite game in today’s generation, Now whether a person is a child or a mature, everyone has to play this game with their friends. and if one of his friends does not play PUBG Mobile, then he can make friends in his PUBG game and then play the game with them as well,

so basically in the main topic is that How to play PUBG on Android Jelly Bean? Or Minimum Requirments for Playing PUBG mobile.

How to play PUBG on Android Jelly Bean?

Pubg Is a very big game and the total size of PUBG mobile is approx 1.7 GB so you need to minimum android marshmallow (6.0) version or 3 GB Ram Smartphone. after that you can easily play Pubg Mobile.

but the current android version is Android 11 so you just facing some lags and issues with the lower android version while playing PUBG mobile.

in this case, you are not able to play PUBG on the android jelly bean version.


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