F&D home theatre under 1500

F&D F203g budget home theater music system.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly Home theater music system that comes under 1500 then my dear friend you come to the right page. because here Electroo.in Showing you the best music system under 1500 rupees in india. 

It doesn’t matter if can’t afford a big-budget home theater, in this very low-budget you’ll get a similar sound quality as other music systems. which comes around 2000 or 3000. 

We bring you a music system that is available in a 1500 rupees range of tech and price specifications, and you can pick this from the Amazon India Website for great deals right now.

But if you want rich bass then you should go for the Upper 6000 price segment. 

Electroo.in reviews this home theater music system based on its star rating and customer feedback. 

Best 2.1 Home Theater Under 1500 Rupees

F&D F203G 11W 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

If you love music then you hear a name called F&D yes this company known for its sound quality and also known for its medium-range budget Music systems nor home theater. which comes around 5000 or below. 

but in this case, F&D introduce us a very low budget 2.1 stereo Speaker system with a subwoofer in just 1399/- 

The F&D F203G is a really good 2.1 Speaker, which you can use as desktop or laptop speakers if you want. there is such a special thing in this budget speaker that makes it different from other 2.1 music speakers and that is its bass control. 

you’ll realize it’s bass when you watching movies like Action, Sci-fi listening to Hip-hop music. Under the 1500 price segment, I thought there are no better options available in the market except this.

The total weight of this music system is 2.1 Kilograms and comes with 2 satellite speakers and 1 subwoofer and one AUX/RCA Audio input cable. 

you can easily connect this mini home theater with these electronic devices TV, PC, DVD, MOBILES, IPOD, LAPTOP, COMPUTER 

What Users Say About : It’s a brilliant speaker 2.1 system in the small budget segment. Trust me the thump the bass and the small speakers are perfectly balanced the bass is not loud and heart teaching like the bigger f&d speakers but its more than enough.

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