best ups for modem and Wifi router

5 best ups for modem and Wifi router to buy in india

These days, battery options have started coming in almost all electric devices. So that we can be run them even without electricity. but till now we do not get to see this option in the WiFi routers & modem.

That is why in today’s article, have brings some such UPS in front of you, which will enable you to keep your WiFi router or modem running even if your home’s power goes out.

Due to work from home and online school classes for children, we need the internet a lot than before. and for this reason, many peoples are getting WiFi routers or modem facilities installed in their homes so that they can surf an unbroken internet along with fast speed.

But the problem occurs when the electricity in our house suddenly goes out. but there is no such facility in our wifi routers and model also so far that it can run without electricity.

That’s why we’ve come up with some best WiFi router battery backups to help keep your WiFi router running even after the electricity goes.

but there is once question comes in our mind that is

We have to know first that how many volts are needed by our wifi router to run with electricity. 

To know this, carefully read the power output details which are given on the charger that came with the WiFi router. like 12V & 9V & 5& or more. 

If you are using a 12v wifi router but you need 4-5 hours running time with a battery backup of your WiFi router then this is the best option for you. Smart UPS for Wifi Router and modem it Support DC 12V/9V/5V Output prepared this list after looking at the customer’s reviews and Star ratings. Our website is associated with we get commission when you buy any products from our link

Top 5 Best UPS for Wifi Router & Modem Smart UPS Mini Size 8000mAh Battery 6 Hours Backup


Now let’s talk about a UPS that not only connects to your WiFi router but also your home camera, modem, LED lights, smartphone, camel, onu,

it will Give power supply to all of them when the power goes out. this smart ups come from DR.Com and it Support DC 12V/9V/5V Output. 

let us talk about its features and specifications. 

You get smart charging management in this smart UPS which automatically charges it when it is switched on, and when the power of the house goes out, it automatically switches to battery mode.

The 8000 mAh battery in this router gives you more than 6 hours of power backup. but the battery backup also depends on you that how many devices you connect with it and or depends on your device how much battery it consumes.

it is very easy to use and you can connect it with your wifi router in just 2 mins. you can connect 5V 9V or 12V at the same time in this device and run all of your devices & also you’ll get 1 x 5V USB Cable,2 x DC Line,1 UPS,3 x PIN converter with 1 year of the limited warranty.

RESONATE RouterUPS CRU 12V 2A Battery 4 Hours Backup


This router comes from Resonate, it has a 6000 mAh battery which gives you up to 4 hours of battery backup for your WiFi router and modem as well.

Its quick switching feature gives you the option to do lag-free internet surfing. that means if your power cuts suddenly then this router switch itself to battery mode, No More disconnects of VPN, WebEx, Zoom, Skype, NetFlix, AnyDesk during power-cuts whether it’s a minute or an hour.

This Resonate Wifi and modem router compatible with 12V 0.5A, 12V 1.0A, 12V 1.5A, 12V 2.0A Rated Wi-Fi Routers and modem. 

The router automatically charges itself in a smart way to maximize its battery life.

you can use this router in all of these router models : D-Link DSL-224, TP Link : Archer A6, A7, C6, C7, C60, C80, MR200, AX 10, MR 600 (Click on Read More), TP Link: Deco E4, M4, M5, M6, TL-MR6400, D-Link: DIR 841, 806, 615, 819, 825, DSL 2730U, Netgear: R6120, R6350, Linksys: E5600, Tenda: AC10, Nokia: G-140W-C, 140W-F, G-2425G-A and routers that are rated 12V 0.5A, 12V 1.0A, 12V.15A, 12V 2.0A Rated Wi-Fi Routers.

and it’s Not Compatible with all of these: NetLink, Syrotech, Alphion 100C, 1524, BDT-121 UT-STAR ONT4842W (Please buy CRU12V3A for these models as they draw higher power though rated at 12V and <2A).

Zinq Technologies ZQ-6600 12V UPS for Router and modem


This Wifi Coming from Zink Technologies, in this WiFi Router UPS, has a battery of 6000 mAh. Which gives you about 4 hours of battery backup WiFi or ADSL router after the electricity power cut.

The battery of this UPS charges automatically. And automatically switches to battery mode when the power cuts.

You get a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer and 4 connectors with this wifi router.

Oakter Mini UPS for 12V WiFi Router


oakter mini ups has Lithium-ion batteries which give you up to 2 hours of power backup for your 12Vwifi router and modem. 

This mini UPS From oakter turns it on itself when the power goes. and when the power is back on, it smartly charges itself so that its battery life lasts longer.

Oakter Mini UPS Support All Type of 12V DC Wi-Fi Routers 12V – 0.5A, 12V – 1A, 12V – 1.5A, 12V – 2A, 12V – 2.5A, 12V – 3A. Backup time will be depends on current consumption of WiFi Routers

CONNECTORS Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router comes with additional connectors that support all Major 12V DC WiFi Routers, Broadband Routers, Set-top box, and CCTV. 

Cuzor Mini UPS for Wi-Fi Router & Modem


If we talk about this wifi router, then its most special feature is Zero lag switching. It switches itself to battery mode in less than a second when the home’s power goes out.

so whatever work you are doing with the help of the internet, you will now be able to do it without any interruption.

this Cuzor wifi UPS also has Deep Discharging and overcharging protection. which is helps to increase its battery life about 3 times.

Conclusion :

When the electricity of the house goes out, all the electrical appliances in our house are turned off, among them WiFi router and modem also which run on electricity only.

There is no inbuilt battery in these, which we can run for a while if the power goes out. That’s why we need a 12v UPS.

A good UPS gives us 3-4 hours of power backup so that we can use our router and modem even after power loss.